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Keeping Your Play N’ Learn Playset In Top Condition

March 29th, 2012 by

Keep your playset in top condition!Play N’ Learn’s playsets are remarkably durable, but even the strongest things need occasional maintenance and upkeep, and they’re no different. It only takes two simple steps, though, to keep your playset in spectacular shape.

Power washing: Power washing uses highly pressurized water to clean and scour a surface in a way that can’t really be done with regular washing, as it utilizes force as well as just rinsing. With Play N’ Learn’s power-washing package, you get a thorough cleaning of the playset’s wood, rungs, tarps and accessories, renewing them and preventing structural erosion. Also, prior to sealing the playset’s wood, it’s very important to have it power-washed, as this prevents any dirt or foreign objects from being capped inside after sealing. Although pressure washing can be done on one’s own, it’s a challenging process that requires extra equipment to complete properly, which means it’s definitely easier to leave it to the professionals to handle.

Normal maintenance: Play N’ Learn offers a regular maintenance check for your playset. First, the maintenance involves staining and sealing the redwood frame, protecting it from weather and helping to resist deterioration and wear. While redwood is very strong on its own—stronger than most other woods that can be used in playsets—it’s still important to make sure it is properly sealed and protected so as to extend the lifetime of the wood. Also, Play N’ Learn’s maintenance involves a routine tightening of the hardware, which should be done on a regular basis for safety purposes. Making sure that everything fits together nicely and securely is important.

Considering the importance of the people in your family who will most often be using the playset—your children—safety is of the highest priority, and these two offerings from Play N’ Learn will ensure that not only is your playset the safest possible avenue of fun for your kids—it’ll also last as long as possible, giving you your money’s worth and your family a long-term source of happiness and joy.

Have Your Child’s Birthday Party with Play N’ Learn

March 22nd, 2012 by

Have your child's birthday party at Play N' Learn!If you’ve been following along with the Play N’ Learn blog, then you’re probably at least a little bit familiar with the many exciting products we have to offer, ranging from playsets to trampolines to basketball hoops. And though the best way to enjoy our services is still to get something for your home and family, there’s now another option!

At our revamped showroom in Columbia, Maryland, you can now host a birthday party for your child, where he or she and friends can slide and climb on the finest playsets, bounce on our super safe trampolines, and shoot hoops at our indoor basketball court. Afterwards, head to the party room for cake and pizza or whatever other party foods your child could want.

There are a number of obvious advantages to having a party in our showroom. First off, it gets the kids out of your home and into a place where you don’t need to worry about cleanup, providing games, or space. And in our safe and family-friendly showroom, the party will never be at a shortage of things to do—in fact, it’s more likely that there won’t be enough time to enjoy everything!

In that case, you can always come back for one of our Free Play Days. Free Play Days are Thursdays from 10 am to 1 pm in both our Columbia and Chantilly, Virginia showrooms. And Chantilly also has Free Play on Mondays from 10 am to 1 pm. If you can’t make it during one of these times, you can always head to Columbia during any business hours and play for $6 per child during the week and $8.00 per child on weekends and school holidays (seasonally). That low price gets your child two hours of unlimited play—cheaper than a movie and much cheaper than, say, an amusement park ticket, for the same amount of time. Open play rates and times vary and can change without notice. Please visit our website for up-to-date information

Some more details about birthday parties: they start at $219 for a weekday party and $269 for a weekend party, and up to 18 children can participate. Parties last two hours.

We understand how hard it is to plan a party for more than a dozen kids, so let us take that pressure off your hands. Just bring the kids, the enthusiasm and the presents, and we’ll provide the rest!

March Madness and Why You Need a Goalrilla Basketball Hoop

March 15th, 2012 by

Goalrilla Basketball HoopsThe reasons for getting a basketball hoop for your household may seem obvious—you like basketball!—but it’s more than that. A basketball hoop is a multi-dimensional addition to a household, and there are more virtues to owning one than you might think. And with March Madness upon us, there’s no better time to go out and try those moves. Here’s a few reasons to own a Goalrilla hoop:

It allows you to play basketball at home. In most areas, there are a few different options for playing basketball: the local YMCA, your gym, public schools or parks. But these all involve leaving the house and hoping that you can get court space when there may be many other people trying to do the same. Only with a hoop at home can you have the dependable access to a method of playing basketball.

Your children can practice and improve. Having this consistent availability of a hoop is incredibly important if your children are serious basketball players. Regular practice is essential to developing as a player of the game, and a hoop in the driveway means that, whenever they want, your kids—or you—can go outside and work on shooting, dribbling and other fundamentals of the game.

It’s great exercise. Even if you’re not concerned about being a good basketball player, basketball at any level of proficiency is excellent, cardio-heavy exercise. Even playing by yourself, you can run to chase down missed shots and keep yourself active, and playing with others the game itself is very strenuous, even in a pickup-type situation. Particularly if you don’t have much of a backyard space, a hoop is the perfect way to turn your driveway into an exercise arena.

It’s an excellent way to entertain groups. Providing activities for a group of people—whether it’s friends over for a play date or adults/family for a holiday or summer party—is always challenging. A basketball hoop gives you something that a large group of people can enjoy, and it’s entertaining for those of all ages. It doesn’t have to be competitive games, either—you can opt to play fun, easier games like knockout or HORSE, or just shoot around as a group.

They’re low maintenance. All you need once you have the hoop is a basketball, and then you’re set. Aside from occasional cleaning, replacing the net, and protecting the metal, keeping the hoop available as an entertainment option is simple and undemanding—unlike, say, a pool.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country, especially right now! But without a hoop at home, there might not be a way for your kids to take part. How else will your children be able to get the chance to be a part of March Madness unless they have a hoop to grow up with!

Why You Should Get a Play N’ Learn Playset Instead of a Pool

March 13th, 2012 by

Playset fun!

Let’s face it: you probably only have so much space in your backyard. And that space, in many cases, could be spent on either a pool or a playset—often times, not both. That means that you might have to make a tough decision on the right one to get for your family. Here are some reasons why you should go the playset route:

Playsets are less expensive. Pools can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, which is considerably more than a playset would cost you. And post-purchase costs of a playset—especially our redwood playsets at Play N Learn—is incredibly simple, requiring just the occasional application of protectants. On the other hands, keeping your pool clean and in working order takes an elaborate routine of services and chemicals, plus the covering during non-swimming seasons.

Pools often necessitate excessive construction or landscaping. One of the biggest barriers to obtaining a pool is the initial excavation and digging that needs to be done to make a space for it. Besides being pricey and cosmetically affecting, this process is noisy, intrusive and can go on for a long period of time.

All a playset needs is to be put together. Unlike the pool, with a playset, you just need to assemble it in a flat space in your backyard—which either you or professionals can do—and you’ll be set and ready to go. No major changes to the landscape of your home, and no bothersome construction.

Playsets are safer than pools. Although a pool is safe if properly used, there are many concerns to be thought of when deciding on a pool for your family. Constant monitoring is required, and the potential for accidents is high. Playsets, on the other hand, require casual supervision to be very safe, and risks get noticeably smaller as children get older, whereas you can never quite outgrow the risks of a pool.

Playsets are far easier to maintain. As touched on when discussing expenses, playsets require very little maintenance to stay healthy and safe. Pools, on the other hand, need constant and complicated monitoring.

You can use your playset all year round. Pools have a definite window of use: warm weather, and that’s it. But deep into weather that would see your pool covered and out of commission, playsets still offer an enjoyable and constructive play experience—fall, summer, spring, no problem.

Of course, the choice between a playset and a pool has a lot to do with your family’s taste and preferences and the composition of your backyard. But we think that if you go the playset route, you certainly won’t regret it.

From the Customer: Why a Springfree Trampoline is a Great Purchase

March 9th, 2012 by

We’d be happy to never stop promoting the virtues of our Springfree trampolines. But what’s more important than our opinion is that of the customer’s—that’s who the trampoline is for, after all. And when we received a wonderful testimony from someone who’d just purchased a Springfree trampoline, we couldn’t resist sharing it. After all, we don’t want you to just take our word for it!

Here are some of the great things one satisfied trampoline owner had to say:

It makes her feel safe. Though the customer was concerned about some of the safety questions behind trampolines, she said her experience with the Springfree model has been completely reassuring and entirely safe. There’s no metal to be concerned about, the net is strong and supportive and the trampoline itself is soft.

It’s the best exercise she’s ever gotten. Because of how much fun the Springfree trampoline is to use, she’s been averaging ten times using it a day—giving her great exercise that’s also enjoyable and varied. Even without springs, the Springfree trampoline provides a high jump that allows the exertion of both cardio and strength.

The customer service has been great. The customer’s questions, asked before purchase, during assembly, and once the trampoline was set up, were all responded to with informative and helpful answers. Between the website design, the marketing of the trampoline, the safety features and the product itself, the customer had no disappointments.

Most importantly: it’s fun! The customer called the trampoline a “euphoria creator,” and said that everyone who steps on it instantly has a huge smile on his or her face. Which means, she’s not the only one—she said that a number of people had gotten great joy out of the Springfree trampoline, and that she couldn’t be more delighted to have the trampoline as a part of her home.

It’s responses like this that make the business worth it. Springfree trampolines are perfect for providing a fun, safe, diverse exercise experience for you and your family. And the customer service aspect is a big part—we want your purchase and use of the trampoline to be as pleasant and easy as possible, and we’re committed to making that happen. So if you want to tap into some of the joy that this customer felt, go out and get your family a Springfree trampoline—you won’t regret it.