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Play Fort Swingsets: Where Imaginations Run Wild

August 22nd, 2016 by

play fort accessoriesSwingsets are a great way to encourage children’s exercize. On top of being a great way to stay active, Play Fort Style swingsets allow children’s minds to grow through their imaginations of what the Play Fort could be from one day to the next. With the right play fort accessories added to your swingset or playset, your kids can be captains of a ship one day, secret spies the next, and anything else their minds think up for future days with friends and siblings. Here are a few must-have accessories for your children’s play fort swingset.

  • Steering Wheel – Every swingset needs a steering wheel. With the steering wheel, kids can imagine they are captains of a ship on an extravagant voyage to find treasure on a distant land. Adding a wheel to a playset can also suit the imaginations of those who dream to become racecar drivers or just wish to drive a car like mom and dad.
  • Retractable Telescope – Take the imagination of being pirates or spies even further with a retractable telescope. Kids love looking at their surroundings through a telescope to gain a different perspective on the things they see every day. Your kids won’t be able to find the hidden treasure without one!
  • Telephone – Children love mimicking the actions of adults. A play telephone attached to a swingset will allow your kids to take and make phone calls without running up a bill. They will be able to make calls to the president, other pirates, or anyone else of interest in the moment.

The right play fort accessories can be just as important as the play fort swingset itself. If your swingset is missing some of these key accessories, it might be a great idea to have them added today. Your kids will love the new additions and you will love seeing their imaginations run wild. Play N’ Learn’s Playground Superstores carries these accessories and many more for your Woodplay or Play N’ Learn swingset, visit to shop our selection today.

Bounce Safely with a Springless Trampoline

August 13th, 2016 by

springless trampolineKids love trampolines. Jumping on a trampoline is a great activity for do alone or with a group of friends. Parents love that their kids are able to have fun while getting exercise. However, parents also tend to worry about the safety of trampolines. Injuries often occur with the metal springs that come along with traditional trampolines. Did you know that there is a trampoline that alleviates these concerns completely? Springfree’s springless trampoline is constructed without the dangerous metal springs of traditional trampolines.

Springfree trampolines use flexible fiberglass rods as opposed to the metal springs seen in traditional trampolines. The fiberglass rods in Springfree trampolines give participants a soft, non-jarring bounce every time. The rods are undetectable when the trampoline is in use as they lie well beneath the jumping surface. Along with a softer bounce, you get a larger bounce area with a Springfree trampoline. Another safety feature of the Springfree trampoline is its FlexiNet enclosure that ensures jumpers will stay within the trampoline and prevent falls.

Springfree’s springless trampoline makes a great addition to anyone’s backyard. If you live in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, Play N’ Learn’s Playground Superstores have locations in Columbia, MD and Chantilly, VA where you can ‘test play’ these trampolines in person. You can also browse our selection of Springfree trampolines through our selection at today.