Activities to Get Your Kids Outside

August 13th, 2013 by

Activities to Get Your Kids OutsideAfter the novelty of summer wears off, your kids may be bored of playing outside. But that’s only because they haven’t tried to use their playset in more imaginative ways than just swinging and sliding. In fact, although high-octane activities are always a good thrill, some of the best ways to use your playset just involve slowing down a bit and taking in the scenery.

Read on for four activities to get your kids back outside and on the playset again!

1. Make your playset an obstacle course

Switch up your playset routine by making it into an obstacle course. You can use household objects like chairs, buckets, and more to make the course. Take the slide, tag the chair, swing five times, run serpentines around the buckets—your kids can make up a million different courses and challenge each other by adding new twists and turns.

2. Camp in your backyard

You can experience the great outdoors without leaving your back yard when you camp using your playset. Your kids can roll out their sleeping bags and stay in the fort. Or, they can use a tarps or large sheets to make a tent out of the swing set. Break out the flashlights and sleeping bags, tell some ghost stories, and enjoy the stars within steps of your back door. Not only will it be fun for your kids, but it will get them ready for when they go on a real camping trip!

3. Have a picnic in your playset

Spread out a blanket in the fort or underneath and have a fun afternoon picnic. You can do it right around lunch time so it’s no extra work for you, but the novelty of having an outdoor playset picnic will be sure to keep your kids occupied for much longer than the average meal. Have your kids invite their friends from the neighborhood over—they can even help prepare some healthy snacks!

4. Bird watch from the fort

What better vantage point to watch the critters around your house than your playset fort? You can make this activity as high or low intensity as you want. Spot things by the naked eye and keep a tally of how many birds and squirrels you see, or grab a pair of binoculars and a field guide and see if your kids can identify some species that live in your back yard.

By using your playset in creative ways, you can help your kids start to think outside the box about the potential for fun in every situation. So why not change things up and give your kids a new activity they can do with their friends? A new outlook on how to use their outdoor space might just give them the kick-start they need to head back outside and make the most of their summers.

About the Author: Robert Unger is sales manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores 26 year old chain of 5 Maryland & Virginia stores. Since 2002, Rob has sold thousands of playsets, trampolines, & basketball goals to area families.