Add On to the Fun! Sweet Additions for Your AlleyOOP Trampoline

July 22nd, 2016 by

alleyoop trampoline

Putting a trampoline in your backyard provides hours of fun for your kids and their friends. After a while though, they might run out of ideas for playing on the trampoline. There are a few things you can add to your trampoline that are safe and add additional playtime on your children’s favorite backyard activity.

If your children like to have sleepovers and enjoy the outdoors, a trampoline tent is the perfect addition for them. The AlleyOOP Sports Outback Tent provides fun out of the sun for daytime play or adventurous backyard camping. It easily attaches to your AlleyOOP trampoline with bungee cords, so no annoying poles to try and assemble.

If your child likes inventing their own games or playing new ones, the Game Pak is a great addition. It includes three squish balls, 4 bungees, colorful chalk, and a playbook to maximize the fun. This kit is a creative way for multiple children to play in the backyard on the AlleyOOP trampoline.

Finally, help your child perfect their slam dunk with the AlleyOOP Pro Flex Basketball Hoop. Its reinforced, full sized design attaches safely to and is specifically designed for the AlleyOOP trampoline safety enclosure. It also comes with all of the hardware and an inflatable basketball so you can easily assemble and get to playing in no time!

Trampolines are a fun way for kids to get their exercise and time outdoors. Adding accessories to their trampoline can be safe and easy to do when you have the right supplies. For more on these accessories or the AlleyOOP trampoline, contact our specialists at We’d love to help you find the right trampoline for your family!

Rubber Mulch: The Perfect Companion to Any Swingset

July 14th, 2016 by

rubber mulch bulkAdding a swingset to your backyard is a classic and durable option for many families. While alone these swingsets are safe for children to play on, there is any easy way to add additional protection. Creating a barrier of rubber mulch around your playground can add instant safety without hurting the curb appeal of your yard. Here are a few reasons why buying rubber mulch bulk packs for your playground is a great safety option:

Just by adding a bed of rubber mulch around your swingset provides a softer landing for your children. Even though children know they aren’t supposed to jump off of the swings, this mulch will give them a safe landing when they do. This way, you know they are protected even when you look away.

Rubber mulch requires less maintenance than other mulch options. Rubber mulch does not absorb water and dries quickly after rain. It doesn’t rot, form mildew, mold, or decompose, meaning you don’t have to replace it as often. It is also an eco-friendly option! It is made from recycled tires and rubber scraps, allowing it to be reused again.

If used with a bendy border, you increase protection and the look of your backyard. These borders are made specifically to be around playgrounds, making them safe for children to play around. They also move with the slope of your landscape, so they can accommodate trees and other shrubbery. When installed correctly with mulch, you can also reduce pesky weeds from growing.

Buying rubber mulch bulk packs is a great option when adding a swingset to an existing landscape. While the mulch can be used with or without a swingset, it provides a cost effective way to style your flowerbeds. Need more information about rubber mulch? Visit to contact about our swingset installation with rubber mulch today.

Health Benefits of Owning a Swingset

June 22nd, 2016 by

cedar swingsetsWhen the weather outside is delightful, and your kids are stuck inside playing on cell phones, computers, and other electronics, don’t you wish you could convince them to go outside? As a parent, it’s hard to get kids to go outside willingly. It really helps having something in your yard that kids can gravitate to and want to enjoy on their own. This is why having a swingset in your backyard is so important. Kids will want to go outside to play and the physical exercise on a swingset is actually very beneficial for their health.

Physical Exercise

Exercise is extremely important for everyone, but especially children. Having a convenient place to play in your backyard is essential to get your kids moving quickly and regularly outdoors. It’s easy for kids to spend hours on a swingset, especially with a friend, and that kind of activity will keep your kids healthy, and prevent childhood obesity that seems to be always growing in our country year after year.

Promote Social Interaction

Instead of being stuck inside alone on a beautiful summer day, your children can go to the swingset with friends and even make new ones. Games with swingsets promote team play and sharing, which is important in building and sustaining relationships. The social interaction of a swingset will make your children better at socializing and making friends, which will help them in school, and later on in life when they begin working.

If you are considering a swingset for your yard, Play N Learn has a great selection of redwood and cedar swingsets from top of the line brands such as Woodplay. Visit today and browse our stock of redwood and cedar swingsets in a variety of options.

A Perfect Summer to Add a Goalrilla Basketball Hoop

June 12th, 2016 by

goalrilla basketball hoopThe saying, “practice makes perfect” is often used in relation to becoming better at sports. Are the up and coming basketball stars in your house getting enough practice? The summer is the perfect time to install a basketball hoop outside your home. It’s a great activity to do alone or with a group of friends for a nice pickup game. With so many options in the market for basketball hoops, how do you know which one to choose?

A Goalrilla basketball hoop would make a great addition to your home this summer. These basketball hoops go above and beyond the competition. Professional in quality and presentation, Goalrilla basketball hoops are an investment that will last for the formative years to come. Rectangular tempered glass backboards will have your kids making layups and grabbing rebounds like their favorite pros. Also fit with steel-welded frames and slam dunk worthy rims, these anchored in-ground basketball systems are built to last.

If you are interested in installing a basketball hoop this summer, a Goalrilla basketball hoop is a great choice for your driveway. At we have plenty to choose from for basketball players and driveways of all sizes. Order a Goalrilla basketball system today to get your young players practicing in preparation of the next school season.

Bring Your Backyard to New Heights with an Alleyoop Trampoline

June 6th, 2016 by

alleyoop trampolineWho doesn’t love bouncing on a trampoline? It’s a fun way to stay active and there is a certain joy you get from jumping on a trampoline that you can’t get with any other activity. Trampolines have long been a sought after backyard accessory for kids everywhere. A trampoline can provide hours of fun and is a great way for your kids to be social with friends. Here’s why you should get a trampoline today.

  • Keep Your Kids Active – With the increase in technology and focus on video games, it’s often hard to get kids to go outside and be active. With a trampoline, kids will want to go outside and be active on their own.
  • Provide Hours of Fun – The trampoline is such a simple activity, but it can keep kids engaged for hours. Rather than spending hours staring at a TV screen or tablet, kids can bounce for hours on a trampoline, an activity that is healthier for them.
  • A Place for Friends – Most kids love bouncing on trampolines. The trampoline can be a great way to encourage your kids to invite friends over for healthy active play. It can also provide as a place for new friends, and with a trampoline in your backyard, you won’t have to wonder where your children are.

A trampoline from Springfree or Alleyoop trampoline, make a great addition to any backyard for your kids. If you would like to purchase a Springfree or Alleyoop trampoline today, visit today to inquire about purchase and installation for your backyard today.

Welcome to the Blog

May 31st, 2016 by

cedar swingsetsWelcome to the Blog. For 30 years, Play N’ Learn has provided a wide selection of playsets, swingsets, and recreational equipment for Maryland, Virginia and D.C.  Our Columbia, MD and Chantilly, VA store locations allow you and your family to come try our fun and recreational equipment before you buy it. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and would love to work with you on your next playground creation.

Everything from Play N’ Learn and Woodplay swingsets and playsets are available for purchase and installation through our website. Redwood and cedar swingsets from Woodplay are a favorite amongst families, and combining an incredible playset with rubber mulch makes playtime outside fun and safe. We also offer trampolines and basketball hoops from leading brands. Springfree and Alleyoop trampolines make a great addition to your backyard as they are a ton of fun for kids and incredibly safe. For basketball fanatics, Goalrilla and Proformance basketball hoops are a great way to enjoy the game you love.

Whether you are interested in cedar swingsets from Woodplay, a playset from Play N’ Learn, Springfree trampolines or other great recreation equipment, Play N’ Learn has what you need to make your backyard fun. Visit today to inquire about purchase and installation of your fun and recreation equipment.

How to Choose the Right Play Set for Your Yard

March 15th, 2016 by

How to Choose the Right Play Set for Your YardGetting a new play set or upgrading your existing play structure can feel daunting. From the variations of slides and swings to features like forts, climbing walls, monkey bars, and even chalk boards, the options are endless — and the decision isn’t something to take lightly, given that most play sets are a family’s hub of fun and activity for years on end. Where do you begin? What can help you find the right fit?

Below, we guide you through the process.

How do I get started?
Browsing play sets and accessories online is a great way to get initial ideas, but meeting with a play set specialist and seeing the options in person is always best. After all, you can compare the different sizes and add-on options, and a knowledgeable sales associate can chat with you about your needs and make recommendations based on the ages of your kids and the size of your yard. If you visit one of our showrooms, your kids can try out some of our play sets firsthand — and you’ll be able to see what excites them.

What if I have a play set I need to get removed first?
If you’re buying a play set from Play N’ Learn, we can remove your existing structure for a small fee. That way, your play set experience can be streamlined — and you won’t need to make arrangements with multiple companies. We’ll handle it all for you.

Can I still get a play set if my yard isn’t level or my yard isn’t big enough?
A short answer to this question is — absolutely! But it’s a question many families ask when they walk in our showrooms. Remember: the way we display play sets in the showroom isn’t at all how they have to look in your yard. The displays are there to give you ideas and let kids try out the options. If your yard isn’t perfectly flat, we can adjust the legs or add a different length slide. And if your dream play set won’t fit the current dimensions of your yard, we can shorten the swing beams or reconfigure slides and ladders to work around your space limitations. Plenty of options exist for uneven, awkwardly shaped, and even really small yards. So don’t let any of these stop you.

What if my HOA declines me?
In most cases, since our play sets are not fixed permanently to the ground, and since they come in neutral colors, they’re usually not declined by HOAs. If you’re awaiting HOA approval, we can stagger installation so that you can get the full go-ahead from the time you purchase to the day we install the swing set. And if you get declined, your purchase is fully refundable.

Can I add on more features later?
If you want to start with a smaller set and build out as your kids get older, that’s completely fine. Our swing sets are made so that you can add features like monkey bars, fire poles, tire swings, and other great accessories that can vary the play experience year after year. For instance, you might start with features like the captain’s wheel or telescopes for young kids who like to play imaginary games, and later decide to add accessories like a rock climbing wall for older kids who like a challenge or a hammock swing for those who like to relax and read. In this way, your play set investment keeps going.

At Play N’ Learn, we provide a full range of play equipment and specialize in helping families make choices that can grow alongside their kids and create lasting memories. Stop by one of our showrooms, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

4 Tips to Help Kids Get Daily Exercise

March 3rd, 2016 by

4 Tips to Help Kids Get Daily ExerciseWith school back in session, you’ve likely noticed that homework and extracurricular activities are now taking over the bulk of your child’s after-school hours. These afternoon and evening commitments make for a busy family life — and leave little room for the 60 minutes of daily exercise recommended for kids by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Why is daily exercise so critical? Exercise can lower risk factors for health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease, as well as obesity. Plus, it can reduce stress and help kids feel better about themselves. Instilling healthy exercise and play habits in childhood increases the likelihood of your child having a positive attitude about being active as an adult. But how can you make it happen, with so many other priorities on your family’s plate?

Chunk it up
Instead of tackling the entire 60 minutes at once, break it up into manageable portions that work with your other commitments. Have time to kill between after-school activities? Swing by the playground, take a walk around the block, or play a quick game of tag. Find other opportunities for active play throughout the day — before breakfast, while you’re waiting for the school bus, or after dinner — and 60 minutes will feel far less intimidating.

Forgo the car or bus
Instead of taking the car or bus to your destination, swap in bikes, scooters, or your own two feet to travel from point A to B. Kids love the adventure and benefit from the fresh air. And as an added bonus, you’ll get some exercise and fresh air, too.

Take homework breaks
Most kids have homework every night of the week, and the older they get, the longer those homework hours become. That’s why it’s so important to take active breaks during study sessions. Try a round of jumping jacks, push-ups, jogging in place, or hula-hooping. These activities won’t just help reach the 60-minute exercise goal — studies have shown that intervals of exercise are like fuel for the brain, helping kids focus and learn better.

Make play convenient
Busy families are short on time, and convenience matters. One of the most convenient places for active play, of course, is in and around your own home. But how can you make it fun and enticing for your kids? You have options:

• Put on some music and clear out a space in your house for dancing.
• Set up an obstacle course in your yard.
• Add some outdoor play equipment, such as a play set, soccer goal, basketball hoop, or trampoline.

With play sets, for instance, you can swap out or add accessories as your kids get older. Tire swings, fire poles, trapeze bars, rock climbing walls — a number of options can keep your kids engaged in active fun for years on end. Similarly, an adjustable basketball hoop in the driveway can grow with your kids — and offer a chance for the whole family to get in on the action.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore or something that you need huge blocks of time to accomplish — use what you’ve got to make it fun, and consider adding play equipment to your house and yard for added convenience. Ready to get started? Drop by one of our showrooms and explore ideas with a play specialist.

Cabin Fever Cure-alls: Ideas for Winter Break Fun

December 17th, 2015 by

Cabin Fever Cure-alls: Ideas for Winter Break FunIf you don’t have travel plans on the books for winter break, you may find the kids getting stir crazy. Once the holidays are over and the constant hum of activity and visits from relatives die down, your kids may not know what to do with themselves, especially with cold weather keeping them indoors. While it may seem difficult to come up with options entertaining enough to catch your kids’ attention, winter break is a great time to think outside the box and try some new activities.

After all, being out of school and off work is a great excuse to do activities you wouldn’t normally be able to. Now’s an opportune time to take advantage of all the fun indoor places to play that you may never have visited before, or that your kids have already come to love. Here are a few ideas for how to keep winter break fun and active.

Take a spin on the ice
To get your dose of winter fun, head to the ice skating rink with your kids and their friends for a few hours of free skate. Ice skating helps with balance and coordination and is great exercise…but your kids won’t realize it’s anything but good old fashioned fun. Top it off with some hot chocolate afterwards and you’ve had yourself an exciting day.

Try out an indoor trampoline center
For some higher energy fun, check out a trampoline center near you where you and your kids can go for an open play session, or you can invite friends for a special post-holiday jumping party. Jumping on trampolines is a great way to exercise for both kids and adults, so join in the fun! If your kid has already been to an indoor trampoline center, mix it up by going to a special class or dodge ball game.

Head to an interactive science museum
While some kids may balk at the idea of going to a museum when they’re supposed to be out of school, odds are good that your city has a science museum that isn’t just about displays and facts. If you visit a science museum that has interactive displays and experiential learning exhibits, you’re in for a fun day of hands-on learning and activity that the kids will be talking about for days to come. Plus, when you go to a museum with the family, there are no packets to do or quizzes at the end — it’s all about just running around and having fun . . . and learning something, too!

Blow off some steam with laser tag
Laser tag is tried and true — it keeps your kids moving, it keeps their minds active as they make up strategy, it encourages teamwork, and you can play as many or as few rounds as you’d like. Plus, you can show up with a huge group or just a few people and you’ll be paired with other kids. It’s the perfect outing for a day when you realize you have a few hours to fill and you want to spend them doing something fun that also gets the heart rate up.

Come visit a Play N’ Learn showroom
We get it: Your play set is probably going unused right now because of the cold temperatures. But if your kids still want to enjoy playing on a play set and the added fun of trying out features that your set doesn’t have (plus basketball, trampolines, and more), come visit us at a Play N’ Learn showroom for one of our open play sessions so they can try everything out.

We hope you and your family have a happy holiday season and enjoy the opportunity to play!

Simple Tips for Decorating Your Playset for the Holidays

December 3rd, 2015 by

Simple Tips for Decorating Your Playset for the HolidaysNow that Thanksgiving is over and December has arrived, it’s officially time to move on to the end-of-year holidays. That means celebratory decorations will be popping up all around the neighborhood, from wreaths on the doors to that one neighbor whose light show takes up 50 percent of the power grid (you know who you are). You probably have some tried and true decoration plans for your house, but have you ever thought about incorporating your swingset into the decoration scheme? While you decorate the house, your kids can take ownership of decorating the swingset. Here are some fun, simple ideas for how to get started and get the kids into the holiday spirit.

String lights around support beams
Your swingset is a perfect place to string lights; it’s easy to wrap lighted garlands around and when the whole thing is lit up, it’ll be transformed with holiday cheer, enticing kids to get out there and play. Try using icicle lights to run across horizontal beams, or wrap lights around each leg. While you work on the house and front yard, your kids can design the perfect plan for making your swingset the main attraction, from what color lights to use to the size and where they’ll put them.

Hang ribbons around the top of the fort
Your kids can add another layer of festiveness to the swingset by adorning it with the big, shiny ribbons that always appear during the holidays. A few ribbons on the upper level in the fort add a nice touch and make the whole structure look like a big present — and you’ll be able to appreciate them any time of day, not just in the evening when the lights are on.

Hang a wreath above the slide
Create a focal point for your holiday decorations by hanging a wreath above the slide. It can be small or large depending on whether your kids will still be sliding during this time of year. If your kids are still playing on your swingset throughout the winter, remember to make sure you’ve done a winter safety check as the weather shifts and keep lights and other decorations out of their way.

Hang birdseed pinecones
Let’s not forget to bring some holiday cheer to the animals that might hang out in your back yard alongside the kids. While you’re decorating, why not give the birds and squirrels an early present by making some birdseed pinecones? Using pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed, your kids can make homemade feeders to string up on the swingset. If your kids still play a lot on their swingset during the winter, have them string them up in a less trafficked area of the set; otherwise, they can use the main support beams to hold the special treats.

Once all the decorations are done, celebrate with some hot chocolate in the fort with friends! You’ll be making good use of your swingset even when it’s too cold to enjoy it for playing. Thinking about adding a playset to your backyard? Come visit a Play N’ Learn showroom where we can walk you through all the options for how to ensure amazing play throughout the seasons.