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Quick Playground Curb Appeal Fixes

October 25th, 2016 by

Do you have a playground that could use some sprucing up? Curb appeal fixes to playgrounds can be fast and easy to do! Here are some things you can do to keep your playground looking pristine.

  • Change out the mulch. Old mulch can date a playground and make it look older and worn than it really is. Consider switching to rubber mulch. Not only is getting rubber mulch easy, but it can be added to a playground or flower bed in a snap. It also has benefits such as weed control and a safer way for children to play.

Rubber Mulch

  • Add some seasonal plants. Adding plants that are in season near and or around your playground can really add appeal to an area. Gardening and planting new things is a great way to spend quality time with your family.
  • Decorate and add new things. Adding decorations or play fort accessories is another easy way to update your yard and your play space. Be sure to use items that are not going to get in the way of the children playing. Also, use decorations that are made for outdoor use.

There are plenty of other things you can do to quick fix your outdoor space, but these quick fixes are best when you want it done quick! Need playground equipment, basketball hoops, or play fort accessories for your backyard? Talk to Play N’ Learn today! They can help you find the best solution for you and your family to get outside and play.

Rubber Mulch: The Perfect Companion to Any Swingset

July 14th, 2016 by

rubber mulch bulkAdding a swingset to your backyard is a classic and durable option for many families. While alone these swingsets are safe for children to play on, there is any easy way to add additional protection. Creating a barrier of rubber mulch around your playground can add instant safety without hurting the curb appeal of your yard. Here are a few reasons why buying rubber mulch bulk packs for your playground is a great safety option:

Just by adding a bed of rubber mulch around your swingset provides a softer landing for your children. Even though children know they aren’t supposed to jump off of the swings, this mulch will give them a safe landing when they do. This way, you know they are protected even when you look away.

Rubber mulch requires less maintenance than other mulch options. Rubber mulch does not absorb water and dries quickly after rain. It doesn’t rot, form mildew, mold, or decompose, meaning you don’t have to replace it as often. It is also an eco-friendly option! It is made from recycled tires and rubber scraps, allowing it to be reused again.

If used with a bendy border, you increase protection and the look of your backyard. These borders are made specifically to be around playgrounds, making them safe for children to play around. They also move with the slope of your landscape, so they can accommodate trees and other shrubbery. When installed correctly with mulch, you can also reduce pesky weeds from growing.

Buying rubber mulch bulk packs is a great option when adding a swingset to an existing landscape. While the mulch can be used with or without a swingset, it provides a cost effective way to style your flowerbeds. Need more information about rubber mulch? Visit PlayNLearn.com to contact about our swingset installation with rubber mulch today.

Why Rubber Mulch Makes Playing Fun — and Keeps Kids Safe

October 17th, 2014 by

Why Rubber Mulch Makes Playing FunWhen setting up your play area, your focus is likely on the cool features of your play set. But equally important is what surrounds your play set. Having proper cushioning and support around your play area is key for keeping your kids safe while running, jumping, swinging, and sliding. That’s why we recommend rubber mulch as your ground material for your play set. Read on for why rubber mulch is our favorite material to keep play time fun.

It’s soft and absorbent
It’s important that your playground flooring protects your kids for the inevitable tumbles that happen during play. Rubber mulch is the most absorbent alternative for play sets, ranking better than wood mulch, gravel, and sand in shock absorption. Your kids will love the springy, cushioned feel of running around on rubber mulch, and if they do fall, they won’t need to worry about splinters or scrapes.

Rubber mulch is resistant to the elements
Rubber mulch does not absorb water like wood mulch, so after rain showers it dries off quickly, and it doesn’t freeze in the winter. That means no slips and falls! On top of that, rubber mulch inhibits mold growth and doesn’t harbor pests, which means there will be no unwanted playmates in your play set with rubber mulch.

It’s recycled and eco-friendly
Our rubber mulch is made from recycled tires and industrial rubber scraps. No trees are destroyed, and items that would normally go to waste are put to good use. The tires used for playground mulch are non-toxic to humans, pets, plants, and flowers, so in addition to being cushioned and comfortable, your playground will be eco-conscious and free of harsh chemicals.

It provides fun for years to come
Once you have rubber mulch, you’re set for up to 10 years. Your kids won’t have to take long play breaks while you set new mulch each season—it’s good to go! It’s also easy to clean and maintain, and the color will stick.

While the topic of what mulch to choose for your play set may not fascinate your kids, they’ll be thanking you later for giving them a safe and durable surface to do all their best playing.

If you’re interested in learning more about our rubber mulch and play set options, please reach out to us.

Surround Your Playsets with Rubber Mulch

May 8th, 2012 by

Rubber mulchWe all remember the playgrounds from our youth; they were usually built on hard dirt with little or no grass. Taking a tumble wasn’t very pleasant. Today, playgrounds are surrounded by material that’s designed to provide soft landings for energetic children.

Over the years a variety of fill materials have become popular, including wood mulch, sand, and fine gravel. However, rubber mulch is quickly becoming the most commonly used fill material. You may have noticed rubber mulch on local playgrounds and at daycare centers, where ensuring the safety of children is the highest priority.

Here are a few tips to remember when purchasing rubber mulch to surround your playset:

  • For the mulch to provide the proper cushioning, it should be at least six inches deep and totally surround the playset area.
  • Before the playset can be installed, a base must be dug to accommodate the rubber mulch. Once that step has been completed, a liner should be put down.
  • The best type of liner is a geotextile fabric barrier –a fancy term for a lining that prevents plant growth but allows moisture to drain. Do-it-yourselfers can purchase the material from landscape companies.

The most obvious benefit of rubber mulch is safety, but there are a variety of other reasons to consider this fill material:

  • Soft – rubber mulch is soft and cushions falls, which reduces the possibilities of injuries.
  • Durable – unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch can last up to 10 years before it needs to be replaced.
  • Color – available in a variety of colors, rubber mulch doesn’t fade and makes your play area brighter and more appealing.
  • Recyclable – most rubber mulch is created by recycling old tires, which means it helps the environment while protecting little tykes.
  • Bugs be Gone – bugs and burrowing rodents aren’t big fans of rubber mulch, they prefer the natural wood mulch.
  • Maintenance – the only maintenance you’ll have to perform is raking out the mulch so that it covers the ground evenly. Leaves and grass that blow onto the mulch can be easily removed.
  • No Slips or Slides – after a rainstorm or when snow is melting, wood mulch can absorb moisture and become slippery. Rubber mulch sheds water, which drains naturally.

With rubber mulch, all of your children’s landings will be safe and happy.