Healthy Snacks for Kids to Help Them Play All Day

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Healthy Snacks for Kids to Help Them Play All DayThe days are getting longer and it’s getting warmer, and that means that outside play is around the corner. Playing all day requires energy, and it can sometimes be tough to find healthy snacks for your kids, or just tough to find the time to make them. That’s why we put together this list of healthy snacks that are easy to make—so easy that your kids can do it themselves.

Although you’ll need to help buy the ingredients and cut any veggies and fruits, your kids can take the lead on preparation while you talk to them about why these foods are good for them.

Ants on a log

Try making ants on a log—it’s a classic snack that will never go out of style. Your kids can help wash the celery, spread the peanut butter, and apply the raisins. Plus, they can customize their snack by choosing how many ants are on their log.

Apples with peanut butter

Another easy, healthy snack is a cut up apple with peanut butter on it. The apple is full of fiber to keep your kid full until dinner, and peanut butter is a good source of protein for their growing muscles.

Fruit kebob

Break out the skewers for fruit kebobs! This fun and colorful snack is a good way to get your kids to eat fruit. After you wash and set out a variety of fruits, your kids can arrange them on skewers to make a bright and nutritious snack. Try grapes, cantaloupe, berries, bananas, or watermelon. The best part is that you can change what fruits you use as they come in season, so it’s not just a summer snack.

Yogurt parfait

Your kids can choose the layers and slather on the toppings of a yogurt parfait. First, have them spoon a layer of their favorite flavor of yogurt into a small cup. Then, they can pick fruit or granola to sprinkle on the top, add another layer of yogurt, and repeat to their satisfaction. Yogurt is high in protein and calcium, and granola is also a great source of protein and iron.

Veggies and hummus or salad dressing

Add some veggies into the mix with a simple snack of veggies and hummus or your child’s favorite salad dressing. Carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and more all are made a little tastier with something on them, which will help your child learn to love their vegetables.

Homemade trail mix

Your kids can let their imaginations run wild by making their own trail mix. Let them raid the pantry to concoct their ideal trail mix. Almonds, peanuts, M&Ms, chocolate chips, dried fruit, pretzels—what will they choose? You can help your kids make healthy choices by having them pick 3 nutritious items and one “fun” item like M&Ms.

Chocolate Milk

Last but not least, add some liquid to your snack repertoire! Making chocolate milk is an easy way for your kids to get all the calcium benefits of drinking milk but with none of the complaining. Your kids can add the chocolate syrup and stir, watching the milk turn from white to brown.

With nutritious snacks in their systems, your kids will have the fuel they need to play hard and stay healthy. After trying a few of these creations, maybe your kids will have their own ideas for nutritious and tasty snacks.

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About the Author: Robert Unger is sales manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores 26 year old chain of 5 Maryland & Virginia stores. Since 2002, Rob has sold thousands of playsets, trampolines, & basketball goals to area families.