Keeping Your Play N’ Learn Playset In Top Condition

March 29th, 2012 by

Keep your playset in top condition!Play N’ Learn’s playsets are remarkably durable, but even the strongest things need occasional maintenance and upkeep, and they’re no different. It only takes two simple steps, though, to keep your playset in spectacular shape.

Power washing: Power washing uses highly pressurized water to clean and scour a surface in a way that can’t really be done with regular washing, as it utilizes force as well as just rinsing. With Play N’ Learn’s power-washing package, you get a thorough cleaning of the playset’s wood, rungs, tarps and accessories, renewing them and preventing structural erosion. Also, prior to sealing the playset’s wood, it’s very important to have it power-washed, as this prevents any dirt or foreign objects from being capped inside after sealing. Although pressure washing can be done on one’s own, it’s a challenging process that requires extra equipment to complete properly, which means it’s definitely easier to leave it to the professionals to handle.

Normal maintenance: Play N’ Learn offers a regular maintenance check for your playset. First, the maintenance involves staining and sealing the redwood frame, protecting it from weather and helping to resist deterioration and wear. While redwood is very strong on its own—stronger than most other woods that can be used in playsets—it’s still important to make sure it is properly sealed and protected so as to extend the lifetime of the wood. Also, Play N’ Learn’s maintenance involves a routine tightening of the hardware, which should be done on a regular basis for safety purposes. Making sure that everything fits together nicely and securely is important.

Considering the importance of the people in your family who will most often be using the playset—your children—safety is of the highest priority, and these two offerings from Play N’ Learn will ensure that not only is your playset the safest possible avenue of fun for your kids—it’ll also last as long as possible, giving you your money’s worth and your family a long-term source of happiness and joy.

About the Author: Robert Unger is sales manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores 26 year old chain of 5 Maryland & Virginia stores. Since 2002, Rob has sold thousands of playsets, trampolines, & basketball goals to area families.