“Playborhood” Parties: Using Your Playset for Community Building

May 29th, 2013 by

“Playborhood” Parties Using Your Playset for Community BuildingThe countdown to the end of school is getting shorter and shorter, which means soon your kids’ playtime will kick into high gear. The idea of keeping up with your kids and their endless energy may seem daunting, which is why we love the idea of a “playborhood” party to keep your kids busy and active with other kids their age.

Originally coined by author Mike Lanza, the term “playborhood” refers to the concept of turning your neighborhood into a place to play outdoors. It may seem obvious that a neighborhood should serve this function, but increasingly children turn indoors to electronics to keep themselves busy instead of playing outside. That’s where a “playborhood” party comes in.

So how do you throw a great “playborhood” party? Read on!

1. Create invitations

You and your kids can create invitations, either by hand or on the computer. Once they’re all ready to go with the date, time, place, and a description, you can travel up and down your street with your kids to put them in your neighbors’ mailboxes.

2. Spruce up your playset

Before your yard is teeming with kids, give your playset a quick cleaning and inspection just like you did before your kids started playing on it after winter. This will ensure that the playset is safe and clean during the party.

3. Bring out your sports equipment

Your playborhood party doesn’t have to be limited to your playset. You can incorporate sports like trampolining, basketball, badminton, or croquet to add some more activities. Plus, by adding sports into the mix, you’ll attract a wider age range of kids (and their parents, too!).

4. Have some tasty treats on hand

Everyone’s bound to work up a hunger after playing all day. You can try some of our recommendations for easy-to-make, healthy snacks, or pick up some popsicles and snacks at the grocery store. Make sure to mix up some lemonade and bring some juice boxes! You can enlist the other parents in your neighborhood to bring shareable snacks as well.

5. Play all day!

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to have some fun! With the variety of activities you have on hand, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Why not set up an arts and crafts station too? Your kids will have a great outlet to play with the other children in the neighborhood and meet some new friends.

After the party’s over and your kids and their playmates see how fun playing outside can be, hopefully they’ll keep it up even when there’s no official party.

And once your first playborhood party is a success, you and your neighbors can team up to trade off responsibilities and make your parties a more regular occurrence throughout the summer. Good luck, and have fun creating your party!

About the Author: Buddy Humphreys is Customer Service and Operations Manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores. He's been with Play N' Learn for 7 years and in his free time spends time with his family, including 2 children.