Preparing Your Playset for Winter Weather

October 23rd, 2012 by

Preparing Your Playset for Winter WeatherSchool’s in full swing, the days are getting shorter, and the jackets have come out of summer storage—winter is approaching. While the cold weather brings with it snow, sledding, and holidays with the family, your trusty playset probably won’t be seeing much action over the winter months.

On the east coast, where Play N’ Learn’s Playground Superstores is based, winters can range from mild to brutal, with feet of snow. So it’s important that you prepare your playset for the weather so that your investment can stand the test of time. Luckily, Play N’ Learn playsets are made of redwood or cunninghamia, which are extremely durable and stand up to the elements, including snow.

So what can you do to keep your playset in top condition through wind, sleet, and snow? Read on for tips on how to prepare your playset for winter weather.

1. Do a full check up

Part of good winter preparation is knowing what condition your playset is in at all times. That means that every time you go out in the yard, you take note of any cracks, corrosion, or degrading parts. You’ll be able to order new parts or make plans for repairs over the winter so that once it warms up again, there will be no need to delay the start of play.

2. Cover up

If you don’t already, cover your sandbox with something heavy enough that it won’t blow away. This will protect the sand from falling leaves and snow as well as animals passing through that might consider using it as a litter box.

3. Clean up summer dirt

Remove all leaves and debris from your play set—if piles of leaves are allowed to accumulate on the wood, they can accumulate moisture, promoting mildew and mold on your playset. Your kids can help pick up trash, leaves, sticks, and brush off dirt.

4. Remove any last toys

Before your slide is covered in snow and your play fort becomes an ice castle, have your kids go through the swing set and bring in any toys they may have stashed in there. Chalk, notepads, stuffed animals, juice boxes—who knows what may have made it outside during summer play. You’ll be able to use the toys over the winter and again next summer since they won’t be frozen at the top of your playset!

The most important part of getting your playset ready for winter weather is to make sure it’s cleaned up and covered up, so it looks like it’s in its original condition. After winter’s over, you’ll be able to do a closer inventory of any damage or degradation that’s occurred over the months and do springtime repairs in time for the warm weather. As long as your playset is made of durable redwood and is in strong condition before the winter starts, it should make it through the winter just fine and come out the other side ready for more fun!

About the Author: Buddy Humphreys is Customer Service and Operations Manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores. He's been with Play N' Learn for 7 years and in his free time spends time with his family, including 2 children.