6 Ways to Prepare Your Playset for Summer

April 30th, 2013 by

6 Ways to Prepare Your Playset for SummerIt’s finally warming up and that means it’s time to start playing outside again. Your playset may have taken a beating over the winter after being buried in snow, used as a nest or restroom for your local wildlife, and a burial ground for the last falling leaves. Before your kids go full swing into playset season, your playset will require a cleaning. Read on for our recommendations on how to prepare your playset for summer.

1.  Remove Obvious Debris: Over the winter, some leaves, twigs, and other pieces of nature have probably made their home in your playset. Start your spring-cleaning by removing the most obvious clutter.

2.  Scrub It Down: Either using a hose or a bucket of soapy water and a brush, give your playset a full scrub down. This will remove the gunk that has accumulated on the wood sections of the playset and will help keep your playset looking pristine for years to come.

3.  Wipe It Off: All of the plastic or vinyl items on your playset should be fairly easy to clean. Simply use a wet soapy rag to wipe down the slide, swings, monkey bars, and any other non-wooden surfaces that may have developed a layer of grime over the winter. Remember to clean anywhere your children’s hands will be grabbing—it’ll save you clean up time on your kids later!

4.  Nuts and Bolts Inspection: As you’re cleaning, make sure to inspect all of the metal elements of your swing set. Check to see that there is no corrosion or loosening at any points and that all attachments are secure.

5.  Spruce Up Your Mulch: If you have a mulch base for your outdoor play area, you may want to get a new bag or two of rubber mulch to make sure you have a solid pad for your children to play on. After a long play season and several snowfalls, you may have lost some of your original mulch, so filling in the holes and thin spots with a new bag will ensure your kids have a safe landing zone wherever they play.

6.  Add a New Feature: And the last way to prepare your playset for summer? Add on a new feature! The beginning of the outside play season is one of the best times to add on a new feature like a rock wall or a rope swing to your playset. The excitement of something new will have your kids outside all day. Plus, they’ll have the whole summer to wear it in.

It may seem like a lot of effort, but doing regular maintenance on your playset will keep it in good working order for years to come. So the next time it’s nice outside, grab the hose, a rag, and your kids, and get everyone involved for a quick spring-cleaning so that the next sunny day can be a play day.

Keeping Your Play N’ Learn Playset In Top Condition

March 29th, 2012 by

Keep your playset in top condition!Play N’ Learn’s playsets are remarkably durable, but even the strongest things need occasional maintenance and upkeep, and they’re no different. It only takes two simple steps, though, to keep your playset in spectacular shape.

Power washing: Power washing uses highly pressurized water to clean and scour a surface in a way that can’t really be done with regular washing, as it utilizes force as well as just rinsing. With Play N’ Learn’s power-washing package, you get a thorough cleaning of the playset’s wood, rungs, tarps and accessories, renewing them and preventing structural erosion. Also, prior to sealing the playset’s wood, it’s very important to have it power-washed, as this prevents any dirt or foreign objects from being capped inside after sealing. Although pressure washing can be done on one’s own, it’s a challenging process that requires extra equipment to complete properly, which means it’s definitely easier to leave it to the professionals to handle.

Normal maintenance: Play N’ Learn offers a regular maintenance check for your playset. First, the maintenance involves staining and sealing the redwood frame, protecting it from weather and helping to resist deterioration and wear. While redwood is very strong on its own—stronger than most other woods that can be used in playsets—it’s still important to make sure it is properly sealed and protected so as to extend the lifetime of the wood. Also, Play N’ Learn’s maintenance involves a routine tightening of the hardware, which should be done on a regular basis for safety purposes. Making sure that everything fits together nicely and securely is important.

Considering the importance of the people in your family who will most often be using the playset—your children—safety is of the highest priority, and these two offerings from Play N’ Learn will ensure that not only is your playset the safest possible avenue of fun for your kids—it’ll also last as long as possible, giving you your money’s worth and your family a long-term source of happiness and joy.