The Top 3 Reasons Your Playset Should Have a Roof Feature

October 14th, 2013 by

Playset with roof featureThere are still some good play days left before all outdoor activities will be about sleds and snowballs. When it comes to making every day a good day to play on the swingset, having a roof feature is key. It can protect your kids (and your equipment) from the elements, making your fort a great place to hang out and play in way more weather conditions than just 70 and sunny.

Why is a roof feature such a good thing to have?

1. It keeps your kids safe from the sun
The sun can be damaging during any season, and despite all the sunscreen in the world, your kids will likely get a lot of sun exposure when playing outside. A roof feature ensures that at least one part of your back yard has shade for your kids to escape harsh sunbeams throughout their play session. And when summer rolls back around, a roof can provide good shelter for your kids during the day when the sun is pounding down on every other part of the yard. Your kids can take a break from swinging and sliding and play captain and lookout from under the cool protection of the second story.

2. It keeps your play equipment cool
The valuable shade that a roof feature provides keeps the sun at bay in a second way as well—it provides a shaded area to help keep your play equipment cool. Putting a roof over your play area can help ensure that your equipment isn’t so hot from the sun that it’s unbearable to play on. Plus, if your roof overhangs any other equipment, like a climbing wall or rope ladder, it will keep those features of the direct sun and cool as well.

3. It keeps kids and equipment dry during rain
The sun isn’t the only thing that can slow your kids down during play. Rain can put a major damper on outside activities. But with a roof, the fort part of your playset can remain dry—and if your kids run there for cover during an unexpected rain, so can they. The fort is a great spot to wait out a rain shower and plot your next play moves. Plus, keeping the play set safe from the elements helps prevent premature weathering.

So if your playset doesn’t have a roof, what are you waiting for? Your playset can become an all-weather play zone for your kids. Picnics, board games, play strategy, and fun with friends can all happen under the protection of your fort’s roof.

About the Author: Buddy Humphreys is Customer Service and Operations Manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores. He's been with Play N' Learn for 7 years and in his free time spends time with his family, including 2 children.