Turning Your Playground Into a Winter Wonderland

December 20th, 2012 by

Turn your playground into a Winter Wonderland this season!Winter is here and the temperatures are dropping—you may have even seen the first snowfall of the season. While winter does bring fun for your kids with the holidays and winter break, the cold weather can seriously cramp their active lifestyles.

You may think that your playground or playset is off limits until it warms up again, but playsets are good for more than just swinging and sliding. They’re the perfect spot for fun winter games as well. Read on for some ideas of how to turn your playground into a winter wonderland.

Have a snowball fight

Up the stakes of your snowball fights by incorporating your playset. You and your kids can use the walls and pillars of the playset as hiding spots or shields. Try using the bottom of the slide as a storage spot for all the snowballs you’ve made. You could even make up a story involving the playset as a fortress or a castle before the snowball fight begins.

Build an igloo

Your playset can get a snowy addition in the winter when you build an igloo. You can use some of the existing structure to work off of, or start from scratch.

Make snowmen

Just because your kids aren’t able to play on their playset as much in the winter doesn’t mean it should be without company. Next time there’s a good snowfall, try building a snowman family by your playset. Can you make one that’s going down the slide?

Make a pinecone birdfeeder

Your playset probably has a lot of long beams that are perfect for hanging things. Why not use them as birdfeeder posts while the weather’s too cold for heavy duty swinging? You and your kids can make a project out of making pinecone birdfeeders by spreading peanut butter on open pinecones and rolling them in birdseed. Tie a ribbon around the top and your kids can hang them all around your playset and watch the birds come in for a feast.

Light up night

While you string lights on the hard to reach places on your house, your kids can string lights on their playset. As long as it’s not snowy or slippery, they can wrap lights around the pillars and along the balcony of the top platform. Both your house and their playground will be the most impressive in the neighborhood.

So what are you waiting for? Bundle up and head outside to make your playground into a winter wonderland. With activities like these you can put your playground to use year round while still being safe in the winter weather.

About the Author: Buddy Humphreys is Customer Service and Operations Manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores. He's been with Play N' Learn for 7 years and in his free time spends time with his family, including 2 children.